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Risk Analysis & Management

All business involves an element of risk and as a business owner, it’s likely that you regularly make decisions that contain an element of risk. Risk analysis is the probability of something going wrong, and the consequences that may occur if it does.

Analysing and planning for risks is an essential business practice and it helps you to manage potential problems that could undermine your business performance.  It can be complex, and it takes a practiced eye to understand and prepare for the risks that exist in your business.

All business operations have financial consequences and financial risk in particular is one of the biggest risks faced by many organisations.  It can have an acutely detrimental impact for your business if it isn’t managed appropriately.

This is where the highly qualified professional at SB partners can help.  We’ve undertaken risk analysis and the development of risk management plans across a wide range of industries.


Our service includes:

  • Assembling relevant information about your business and market
  • Identifying the major risks facing your organisation – including human, operational, financial, technical, political, environmental and structural
  • Developing a risk strategy
  • Implementing the risk management procedures

Our business services also include:

ASIC Compliance & Corporate Secretarial

Keeping up with new legislation can be daunting but we’ll make sure you meet all of your compliance obligations

Benchmarking Your Business

Gain insights by measuring performance against similar-sized businesses in your industry

Budgeting & Cash Flow Planning

A little advance planning today can help you avoid cash shortages tomorrow


Whether it’s funding expansion, buying new equipment or updating technology, most businesses need finance at some point and we’ll help you find the best solution for your needs.

Mergers & Acquisitions

If you’re buying a new business or joining forces with another one, we’ll help you get the best return on your deal

Performance Improvements

We’ll lift the lid on your business processes and work with you to implement incremental improvements that will have a positive impact on your bottom line.

QBCC Licencing

Whether you’re applying for a new QBCC licence, or upgrading an existing one, we’ll help you meet the relevant requirements.

Starting a New Business

We’ll give your new business a helping hand by setting up your records and accounting systems so things run smoothly and you meet your tax and legal obligations

Selling Your Business

If it’s time to sell we’ll help you make sure it’s the right decision, that you have the best valuation and assist you to negotiate the sale

Strategic Advice & Management Consulting

Market driven strategies and performance plans that will help you deliver powerful results

Succession Planning

Whether you’re planning for the unexpected or planning for retirement, succession planning will keep the lights burning in your business