At SB Partners we focus on adding value to our clients throughout the year.  We’re definitely not the type of accountant you talk to once a year as you wait to see what your tax bill is going to look like.

We build lifetime relationships with our clients by taking a proactive approach and ensuring we deliver a consistent service, which results in solid connections that stand the test of time.

We’re a medium sized accountancy practice, with 15 staff – so we’re large enough to deliver a comprehensive range of accounting and business services but small enough to deliver personal services to all of our clients.

Founder James Legat knows every client and he and his skilled team, work together to analyse your business, input ideas and suggest outcomes.  You can expect an average of four experienced professionals to work on your accounts during the year and develop strategies that will help your business and reduce your tax obligation.

We invest heavily in the training of our staff, and James individually coaches all of our accountants so when you work with SB Partners you know you’ll get dependable advice time after time.  We keep up to date with all relevant tax and compliance changes so we can advise our clients of the implications of these for them and their businesses.

In order to operate with cutting edge efficiency we make sure we keep up with all the latest technologies and systems so we can provide you with the best possible service.