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A Message from James

Hi, I’m James Legat, founder of SB Partners and the man with the vision who pulls the team together.  Before I founded SB Partners, I was fortunate to cut my accounting teeth with an innovative firm whose client-first philosophy enabled them to become one of the Gold Coasts most successful accounting practices.

Building on that service ethic, I wanted SB Partners to be known for personal service and great client outcomes.  We’re not the sort of business who just reviews your financial results with you.  You won’t hear us telling you that you need to generate more sales.  But you will hear us telling you how you can generate extra sales.

We are a family business, just like many of our clients – so we know the frustrations, uncertainties, challenges, highs and lows that come with running a business.  We’ve worked hard to gain expertise across a variety of business issues so we can help our clients and ourselves improve business results.

No matter what your circumstances, we’ve probably already seen it and successfully dealt with it many times in the past.  We give you the benefit of more – more services, more support, more personal advice and more results.

We’re forward thinking and forward looking – and while your historical results are of interest they are after all just history.  Our commitment to our clients is that we’ll keep our eyes firmly on the road ahead so we can help you to achieve great results.